The 7 Weirdest Interior Designs in the World

Written by: Perihan El Etreby

Date: 2022-06-01

Here is a list of 7 Weird Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

It is really brilliant to have unique and unusual home designs and make the most of them wherever you are. We have gathered in this article an amazing collection of creative and unusual interior designs that will amaze you. There are really different design shapes and unusual creations that make these homes more stunning and that are worth sharing with you. You can see brilliant ideas for different areas that you might be able or not be able to implement, but one thing is for sure: you’ll be amazed! Designers can do such wonders both inside and outside your home, so if you are looking for a memorable and one of a kind design for your home, continue reading to get the much-needed dose of inspiration! Here is a list of 7 Weird Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!


Ceiling Library

Having a home library is the ultimate dream for you, but that typical traditional design we all have in mind with wood panels on the walls and brown all over the room doesn’t really apply to modern interior designs. If you want a home library in your modern home, then you’ll have to get creative. It can be an open space off the living room or it can be a cozy corner with access to the terrace, or it could be a little bit extra creative and be a ceiling library. But really, who doesn't want a special room dedicated to reading time? Whether your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, we've got the ultimate book-curation inspiration with this book storage and home library design ideas.


Treehouse Playroom

Many people dream of having a secret room in their house. It is a great way to keep your kids entertained, and they love the mystery of a secret room. Here, we collected some creative secret room ideas for your inspiration. Some of them are behind a movable bookcase, some of them are located in A Closet, and others are hidden in the bunk beds.

This indoor treehouse for kids features a rope bridge, a climbing net, and a pulley system for kids to carry their play stuff to the upper level. A small door takes to the main playroom on the first floor, with a secret hatch door to the upper floor. There are small windows for kids to take a glance at the outside. Kids can go to the upper level either through the wooden ladder or take the tough route via climbing the net, Home Crux noted.


Randy Polumbo Converts 1899 Lighthouse Into a Green-Powered Artist’s Retreat

Internet shopping has reached a whole new level with Plum Gut Grotto. Sculptor Randy Polumbo was searching government websites for old fuel tanks for a future project and ended up purchasing Orient Point Light, a 19th-century lighthouse off Long Island, in Plum Gut Harbor, that he’s spent five years converting into an artist’s residency.

“It’s my micro philanthropy, where someone can come stay a few weeks and write the great American novel,” he says. And they can do so entirely off the grid. Polumbo, a Cooper Union alumnus who creates towering “lodestars'' and immersive “grottos” (including an elaborate one at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania), has updated the structure with USB ports, outlets, appliances, and a composting toilet, all of which run on energy generated from a newly installed windmill and solar panels—techniques he’s mastered in his other profession, founder of the eco-construction company Plant (clients include Santiago Calatrava, Lee Mindel, and Maya Linn).


Glass Floor and an Open Shaft Below Your Bathroom

Guadalajara-based studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos has recently designed the new interior of a penthouse situated on top of a 70′s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Its glass floor bathroom set atop an unused 15 story lift shaft has become an internet sensation. Some commenters said that ‘this bathroom will literally scare the sh*t out of you.”

“A characteristic feature of the project is that a volume that was originally intended for a second elevator and was never installed becomes a powder room with a glass floor that looks down all the 15 levels, the PPDG penthouse is a great versatile modulated space, with great views all this with the concepts of transparency and the simplicity of materials.”


Hammock-like Bathtub

Do yourself a favor and quickly imagine enjoying your cup of coffee or smoothie, or reading a book in a hammock instead of whatever it is you're doing right now. Now take that a step further and pretend that the hammock is somehow filled with warm water and bubbles — or maybe even your favorite bath salts.

That seems like the sort of dream that'll never come true, like having a rainbow shoe closet where there's never a heel out of place. But you could turn this beautiful daydream into the most relaxing reality, and I'm telling you, we all deserve it. This wondrous contraption is known as a Hammock Bath, the creation of Splinter Works founders Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington.

Before you step inside, a standing tap on the floor is used to fill the tub, then once you're done soaking, the water is released through a valve at its base and completely disposed of through a drain located in the floor directly below.

This carbon-fiber hammock tub is truly unlike any bathtub I've ever seen, but — given the duo's impressive range of designs so far — it'll be far from the last.


Bookcase Staircase

Love books? Love stairs? These fifty unique designs make the most of that tight little cranny under your staircase. Use a block frame to hide books beneath, as they line sturdy shelves your feet walk over. Wrap a winding steel staircase around existing walls of bookshelves, immersing yourself in the reading experience. Put books within the stairs, as each level hides a few simply gorgeous reads. These creative, innovative, and artistic features make the most of a good book collection and the most awkward spaces left unutilized.

Do you have so many books in your home that you can’t find the proper place to store them? This unique design will surely inspire you to consider turning the staircase into a fabulous library that everyone’s going to admire.

A rustic feel can be achieved with a conjoined staircase and library. Framed by wooden rafters, walls, and railings, it evokes a wood cabin with a twist according to Home designing.


Dresden’s Musical Rain Building Plays Music When It Rains

You may have seen all musical instruments but have you seen a building that turns into a musical instrument when it rains? Meet Dresden's musical rain building!

In the artistic community of Neustadt Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany lies a musical rain building that has attracted many curious visitors around the world. However, visitors must wait for the rain in order to hear the symphony of music produced by the intricate system of rain gutters. Inspired by Rube Goldberg Machine, sculptor Annette Paul and designers Christoph Rossner and Andre Tempel have transformed this multi-storey building into a spectacular musical instrument.

Some people believe that this building is a tourist trap because there’s not much evidence to show that it can really play music when it rains. Oh well, music, like beauty, is relative. Better see the building in person, wait for the rain and you be the judge!


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