He Magazine's Spectacular 25th Anniversary Soirée

Written by: Mahmoud Demerdash

Date: 2023-09-27

Glamour and Prestige Unveiled

Glamour and Prestige Unveiled

On Tuesday, the 13th of June, a remarkable evening at Le Lac Du Caire was illuminated as He Magazine, a hallmark in the world of English publications in MENA, marked its 25th anniversary with a red-carpet soiree to match the elegance and sophistication of the venue chosen. A glorious sea of black and red tuxedos, complemented by an array of regal dresses, transformed the scene into a symphony of colors harmoniously melded with the occasion’s atmosphere. A star-studded gathering of luminaries from the realms of film, art, and business graced the occasion. Guests were ushered into the evening, and as they disembarked, a sprawling red carpet spread out, serving as a pathway for the attendees as they headed to the seating area. Dozens of cameras, top social media influencers, and TV representatives flanked them, setting the red carpet ablaze, evoking the essence of cinema’s most iconic moments.

The seating arrangement was a study in finesse, with the main seating area exuding an aura of matte black elegance, where film stars and many famous figures took their seats. Flanked on either side were high-top pavilions designated as VIP zones for He Magazine and its partners of success. The ambiance was electric, as rays of light perfectly illuminated the digital poster displays commemorating the magazine’s previous editions and cherished friends, both past and present. At the back of the venue was a large wall showing each edition of He Magazine in chronological order, and at the front was a massive stage where the main event would take place.

The menu was an ode to gourmet craftsmanship, an orchestra of flavors and textures in bite-sized seafood creations that delighted the senses. Amidst the jubilant mingling and laughter, a cart offering treats by Dolato Gelateria emerged as a sweet interlude that added a touch of whimsy to the night’s abundant affairs.

Once everyone had reached their seats, the dimming of lights signaled the start of the main event. On-screen, a countdown began to showcase a welcome message featuring founder Amr Selim alongside brand ambassador and celebrated actor Amr Youssef in dedication to the event. Following the video, Mr. Amr Selim, the founder and publisher of He magazine, presented the event with the support of experienced TV hostess Dima Allam and a professional interviewer in the architectural world, Hazem Rasmy. An illustrious group of attendees received well-deserved recognition for their invaluable contributions. Among them was Amr Youssef, the face of He Magazine’s new branding and magazine cover, who brought a magnetic charm to the publication. Mohamed El Samman, the accomplished Managing Director of LongeBlack, a prominent branding agency known for its innovative strategies and the brains behind He Magazine’s new logo. Eng. Mohamed Talaat, MTA’s visionary founder and CEO, graced the cover of the freshly branded He Home issue. Omar El Husseiny, the Head of Treasury at CIB, stood as the event’s main sponsor, showcasing the institution’s dedication to fostering creative endeavors. Amr Osman, the Marketing Director of EgyptAir, played a pivotal role as an event sponsor, aligning the airline’s image with He Magazine’s milestone. Mohamed Amin El Hout, the Executive Director of GLC Paints and CEO of Dolato Gelateria, lent his support as a sponsor, reflecting the companies’ innovation. Saad Safwat, the founder and CEO of Financak, who offers brilliant solutions for financing, also extended sponsorship. Mohamed Mostafa Adel Rassoul, Managing Director of Orient Takaful Insurance, contributed as a sponsor, reflecting the company’s commitment to safeguarding dreams. Mohamed Shaheen, the enterprising CEO of Logistics and Mobility Business Units at EgExpress, FedEx, and Enterprise, upheld the event as a sponsor. Fakhry Gamal, the discerning Marketing Director of Hub Furniture, the proudly Egyptian manufactured brand harmonized style and comfort. Mousa Abou Taleb, founder, and CEO of Event House, orchestrated the entire affair with finesse, crafting an unforgettable night for all attendees. Dina Dash, the founder of Dash Management, directed event PR and media coverage, infusing every moment with captivating storytelling. Ahmed Hegy, founder and CEO of ESCA Hospitality, curated a delectable feast as the event’s catering partner. Editors-in-chief Salah Attia and Mohamed Salah Attia steered the magazine with their continuous support. Mohamed Helal, the Managing Director of International Printing House (IPH), played an integral role at the helm of the operation, manifesting our thoughts into the physical realm throughout the magazine’s 25 years. Each honoree and contributor brought their unique identity to He Magazine’s 25th-anniversary celebration, culminating in a remarkable milestone.

An array of distinguished celebrities who have been either on the magazine’s main cover or featured in past issues received accolades for their strong friendship and partnership with He Magazine. Renowned names like Hussein Fahmy, an icon in the world of Egyptian cinema, and Mohamed Sobhy, a versatile actor with a rich portfolio, were some of the first to step onto the stage. As mentioned previously, the captivating Amr Youssef is known for his performances, capturing the essence of He Magazine’s celebration. Among the attendees was Eng. Ahmed Sabbour, a prominent architect whose innovative designs have garnered acclaim. The charming Ahmed El Fishawy, known for his exceptional acting prowess, Dr. Ashraf Reda, a respected figure in the media and fine arts field, graced the event with his presence. The celebrated Sherif Mounir, whose performances have left an indelible mark on Egyptian cinema, joined the festivities, as did the talented actor Ahmed Shaker, known for his dynamic roles. Abbas Abul Hassan, a respected name in the entertainment industry, added his unique charm to the celebration. Mohamed El Shakankeiry, an actor with a captivating on-screen presence, Abbas Abo El-Hassan, a talented writer, podcaster, and actor, and Ahmed El Tohamy, known for his versatility, were also present. Nour Khattab, a personal trainer to many actors, alongside Karim Sobhy, also received recognition during the event. The event witnessed the attendance of other superstars, such as the beautiful actress Nermin El-Fekki, the talented actress and singer Maiss Hemdan, and plenty of young rising stars. With their diverse talents and remarkable achievements, these esteemed celebrities brought an extra layer of excitement and elegance, marking an unforgettable celebration of creativity, entertainment, and culture.

Although unable to physically attend the festivities due to their travel commitments, their presence was felt as they thoughtfully sent heartwarming videos presented during the main event. Amr El Ganainy of CIB, the esteemed actress Youssra, and talented actors Mostafa Shabban and Hany Ramzy shared warm wishes and congratulatory messages. Additionally, the event was honored with a video contribution from jazz legend Yehia Khalil.

A heartfelt special thanks extended to Ahmed Fouad of Mr. Tuxedos, who attended in a magnificent purple tuxedo and played a significant role in ensuring that the He Magazine staff and numerous guests were impeccably dressed for the occasion.

As the clock neared midnight, the main event drew to a close, filling the venue with anticipation and excitement. Amr Selim, the founder and publisher, graced the stage one final time to offer a visionary glimpse into He Magazine’s future. With a dynamic flourish, he revealed exciting expansions: He Properties, venturing into real estate and architecture; He Business, exploring commerce and entrepreneurship; and He Health, dedicated to wellness. In a historic move, Amr Selim introduced a fully digital edition of He Magazine, set for release by late September, embracing the digital era. Alongside the classic He Magazine and He Home editions, these additions showcased Amr Selim’s commitment to innovation. The audience left inspired, ready to join He Magazine on this journey, redefining creativity and media. Mr. Selim expressed gratitude to the HE magazine staff, with a special mention for his wife and business partner, Engineer Mona Ismail, the interior designer behind He Home.

The evening reached its crescendo as Amro & The Big Bang Boogie band took the stage, their rhythmic melodies captivating the crowd. Amidst the music and merriment, attendees exchanged heartfelt congratulations, reflecting on their journey. Conversations flowed freely, touching on a myriad of topics, profound and lighthearted. This gathering celebrated 25 remarkable years and set the stage for a bright and promising future for He Magazine, guided by a visionary team, esteemed partners, and passionate attendees. As the night concluded, it was evident that this event not only marked a 25-year journey but also ushered in a captivating and inspiring path ahead.