Big Boys Toys: Boats and Yachts

Date: 2019-05-07

Sometimes when you’re famous, you just need a chance to step away from it all. A chance to spend some time where you’re not followed or recognized, a chance to enjoy the luxuries that life provides. But when your fame extends worldwide, where can you escape to? When you are this famous, you may just have to turn to the sea. Throughout the years, celebrities have been known to take to the seas on all types of boats, from modest sailboats to multimillion-dollar superyachts. These beautiful boats are at times the pride and joy of celebrities, as they show them off and wow viewers with their big boy toys.

Many athletes, actors, politicians, musicians, and businessmen own large, magnificent superyachts. Spanning this year’s list, we have a number of decadent superyachts, equipped with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and docking bays for jet skis and other water sports equipment. Owners of these splendid yachts spend their time dining, relaxing, and socializing on the open sea. But superyachts are not for all, and on this list, we include a number of celebrities who are known for their true passion for sailing. These individuals may not own huge, glorious yachts, but they are masters of the art of sailing and own boats with which to sail the seas and even compete in some races.

I truly believe that you are never too old to play with toys, and you are certainly never too old to appreciate the beauty and the fun of big boy toys. Maybe you already have your own yacht, maybe you will use this list to develop your own dream yacht, or maybe you simply want to kick back and appreciate a number of beautiful boats, either way, the following boats are truly vessels worth admiring.


Morgan Freeman


Actor Morgan Freeman is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood, but not all may know that Freeman has a love that goes beyond the screen—his love for sailing. Morgan Freeman has been sailing since the 1960s when he first sailed an 18-foot Lightning-class centreboat boat on a reservoir in Stowe, Vermont. Since then, Freeman has explored the waters along the Northeast United States and Canada as well as the Caribbean, sailing as far as Trinidad. He has owned a number of boats throughout his life, but most recently, Freeman was the proud owner of a Shannon 43 sailboat named Afrodesiathat he owned for over 20 years.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has been a household name since the 1970s because of his influence on the fashion industry. Not surprisingly, this multimillionaire owns the luxurious superyacht Vantage. This incredible yacht measuring 46 meters in length has six full cabins allowing for a dozen guests to enjoy the open seas on this sleek ship. The yacht boasts a jacuzzi, barbecue, and bar facilities as well as two decks for Klein and guests to enjoy. Vantage has a full entertainment system and an engine giving her a cruising speed of 24 knots and a top speed of 28 knots. 


Elton John

As one of the most successful musicians and composers of the 21stcentury, it is no surprise that Sir Elton John has a superyacht on which to unwind and enjoy the seas. Elton John’s 50-meter motor yacht, namedWabi Sabi, was built to the highest spec in 2011 and refitted again with upgrades in 2016. The yacht is estimated to be worth over $25 million and can host up to a dozen guests as well as a 12-member crew. The vessel also features luxury amenities like a jacuzzi and swimming pool.


Richard Branson


When one owns his own island, it is only fitting that he own a private yacht to travel to that island with. Businessman Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, proudly sails his private, 32-meter yacht throughout the Caribbean. The Necker Belle, named after Branson’s island Necker Island, is one of only a few luxury sailing catamarans in the world. The ship can reach speeds exceeding 20 knots. The boat, worth $3 million can accommodate up to 12 guests and can be chartered through Virgin Limited Edition.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo made news a few years ago, not for his football playing, but when his superyacht was stopped by customs officers. Ronaldo had been aboard his superyacht Aya at the time with friends. The yacht has a sleek design and greyish color and was manufactured by the Italian company Leopard, with an exterior design and engineering designed by Paolo Caliari. The yacht has three cabins accommodating six guests and is perfect for allowing the football star to escape the fame and relax out at sea.


Giorgio Armani

One of the sleekest and sexiest yachts currently at sea belongs to fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Delivered in 2008, Armani’s Maìnis a 65-meter masterpiece built by Codecasa. The ship is painted an unusual dark green color that makes it seem almost camouflaged atop the water. The interior design of the vessel displays a luxurious simplicity, yet the boat is not without entertainment. Accommodations on the yacht include a sundeck, an indoor gym, a hot tub, and a cinema.




U2 front man and international star Bono has been adventuring on the seas on his superyacht Cyansince purchasing it in 2008. Fitting to the name, the yacht is uniquely painted blue and is equipped with a stereo system befitting of the music legend. Estimated at about $24 million, the yacht has a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema, a jacuzzi, and a storage area for a variety of water sports equipment. The luxurious yacht has been enjoyed by Bono and many celebrity guests including Gerard Butler, George Clooney, and Sacha Baron Cohen.


Johnny Depp / J.K. Rowling

One celebrity yacht can boast ownership by two global figures. The Amphitrite yacht gained fame as Johnny Depp’s yacht originally named Vajoliroja. The 17-meter yacht is equipped with amenities for all ages including water sports equipment and relaxation spaces. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling fell in love with the yacht, later renamed Amphitrite, after taking it on a charter trip with her family. She later purchased the vessel from Depp for $28 million dollars to claim as her own. Not long after, however, Rowling put the yacht back on the market.


Steven Spielberg

A skilled story teller and director known for Hollywood classics like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg proudly travels on the sea on his aptly named superyacht Seven Seas. The 86-meter superyacht was delivered in 2010 and rapidly became one of the most recognizable yachts on the water. The massive boat features a swimming pool on board with plenty of area for sunbathers to relax. This impressive vessel can reach speed of 20 knots and has given Spielberg a new love for cruising the seas.