Karim Sobhi

Date: 2023-06-13

Rising Star of Jaafar Al-Omda Series and Beyond

In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to sit down with Karim Sobhi, the talented actor who captured social media during Ramadan and became a sensation by the end of the holy month. Despite appearing in the final episodes of Jaafar Al-Omda series, Sobhi delivered what the audience had been eagerly anticipating - a satisfying revenge against Wadad. Join us as we delve into his experiences on set, his journey in the industry, and his aspirations for the future.

Q: What were your experiences like filming the Jaafar El-Omda series?

A: The atmosphere behind the scenes was amazing, working with the entire cast, including Hala Sidky, Jouri Bakr, and Ahmed Fahim. Although my filming days were limited, I was pleased to collaborate with director Mohamed Sami, who prioritized the performance of all actors, regardless of the scope of their roles.

Q: How did you land the role of Hisham in the series?

A: After submitting some of my previous work to Mohamed Sami in the form of a showreel, he appreciated my performance and deemed me the perfect fit for the role.

Q: Did you expect the immense success and recognition you received from Jaafar El-Omda?

A: I never imagined such a tremendous level of success and exposure. I assure the audience that I will strive to meet their expectations and maintain artistic standards.

Q: Have you faced any challenges in your career?

A: Fortunately, I haven't encountered any significant problems or obstacles in my artistic journey. I began as a TV presenter hosting shows on Nile Cinema, Rotana, and LBC, including Arabwood TV.

Q: Tell us about your role in the series "Group El Dof3a."

A: In "Group El Dof3a," I played the role of a businessman. It was a character I enjoyed portraying, and most of my scenes were with the talented artist Sherry Adel.

Q: Will your acting roles prevent you from returning to television presenting?

A: Not at all. If I come across a good program and a valuable opportunity, I would gladly return to being a TV presenter. Both acting and presenting are my passions.

Q: Which role holds a special place in your heart among all your work?

A: I approach each role with love, and each one holds something unique that resonates with me in real life. Some characters are closer to my personality, while others are further away. The ones closest to my heart include "Naseeby w Esmetak," "El Nazwa," "Group El Dof3a," and "Jaafar El-Omda."

Q: We understand you studied acting. How has studying influenced your performance?

A: Studying acting has had a profoundly positive impact on my craft. I have participated in workshops in Egypt and even pursued training at the Meisner Strandford School in America. Talent must be nurtured and enhanced through knowledge, and acting is undoubtedly a discipline that requires dedicated study.

Q: Is there a role you haven't played yet but would like to take on?

A: I enjoy challenging myself with roles that are completely different from my own personality. I look forward to exploring characters within the realm of psycho drama, as they offer intriguing and engaging opportunities for growth and artistic expression.


As Karim Sobhi continues to captivate audiences with his versatile performances, we can expect to witness his exceptional talent in a variety of compelling roles. With his passion for acting and dedication to continuous improvement, Sobhi is destined to leave a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.


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