Town Writers

Written by: Mahmoud Demerdash

Date: 2024-03-05

Redefining Living Spaces and Elevating Lifestyles

Stories in Stone: The Town Writers Approach to Living Spaces

Town Writers stands at the forefront of a new era in real estate development, where each structure is not just a building but a canvas for crafting unique stories that resonate with the lives of its residents. This transformation stems from a deep commitment to fostering vibrant communities where individual voices are heard and celebrated. In this article, we delve into the evolution of Town Writers, exploring the motivation behind the company's name change, its distinctive approach in a competitive market, successful marketing strategies, and the pivotal role played by the LXIAS alliance in shaping the company's identity. As we unravel the narrative woven by Town Writers, we discover a visionary force in the real estate landscape, redefining the concept of home as a place where people don't just live but actively participate in the creation of their own stories.

Established Foundations

Established by Omar Seadawy, an AUC alumni, with a wealth of experience exceeding ten years in the real estate sector, Town Writers is a testament to his extensive background in the industry. Having previously lent his expertise to diverse real estate projects across Spain, Italy and Egypt, Omar brought a global perspective and seasoned knowledge to the company's foundations. Complementing his leadership, Town Writers is fortified by the his partnership with CEO Mohamed Abd ElFattah, the CEO. With a plethora of experience, Mohamed contributes a depth of insight and strategic acumen that augments the company's vision, further solidifying Town Writers as a dynamic and forward-thinking force in the real estate arena. According to their “About US,” Town Writers is not just a real estate developer; “we are storytellers crafting narratives of communities that bring people together. With a fresh perspective and a young spirit, we redefine living spaces and elevate lifestyle experiences”. The company aims to redefine living spaces, suggesting an intention to move beyond conventional notions of residential structures. This could involve incorporating unique design elements, functional innovations or creating environments that cater to contemporary lifestyles' evolving needs and preferences. The phrase "elevate lifestyle experiences" focuses on enhancing residents' overall quality of life.


Rebranding for Reinvention

Known initially as Eight Developments, Town Writers underwent a transformative rebranding process to evolve into the dynamic and distinctive company it is today. Rebranding can be a complex and challenging process for companies as it requires them to reintroduce themselves to the market, potentially losing market recognition and visibility. It can take time for customers to associate the new brand identity with the company's products or services. However, Mr. Seadawy deemed a rebrand as crucial for aligning with his vision for the company's future, prompting the decision to transform. When asked about the decision to rebrand Town Writers explained, “The decision to change our name to Town Writers came from a shift in the narrative. It was time for people to write their own stories rather than live someone else’s. The name Town Writers is a representation of our commitment to shaping our communities by giving everyone their own voice.” Thus, In the manner of a skilled tailor carefully crafting a suit to suit a customer perfectly, Town Writers adeptly tailored homes to match homebuyers' unique needs and preferences.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

In the hectic landscape of home development, intense competition prevails among numerous companies eager to establish their presence and leave a lasting impact. In this dynamic environment, the significance of differentiation has never been more pronounced. With each company seeking to stake its claim and make a distinctive mark, the imperative to stand out from the crowd is paramount. The ability to offer unique value propositions, innovative approaches and a compelling identity becomes a key determinant in the success of home developers in this highly competitive market. When asked what makes Town Writers stand out, the team mentioned, “The difference between Town Writers and our competitors is our focus and dedication towards our residents. Before taking on any project, we conduct meticulous research to make sure our clients’ needs are met. Not only are we proud of our track record of delivering projects promptly, but we also ensure every aspect of the project in terms of location, unit types, and pricing matches our clients’ preferences.” Town Writers is making a concerted effort to distinguish itself prominently in the real estate scene. Their impactful presence is hard to overlook, with an abundance of strategically placed billboards throughout Cairo. The sheer ubiquity of these billboards gives the impression that Town Writers has a firm grip on the city's visual landscape, making it nearly impossible not to take notice of their pervasive and compelling messaging. When asked how they effectively place themselves within the industry, the Town Writers team explained, “Being part of an ever-expanding industry can be tricky when trying to put yourself above your competition. One of the reasons why we’ve managed to create a buzz so successfully is our deep involvement and focus on our target audience. We understand their needs and, therefore, can deliver accordingly. The billboards were our way of introducing a new concept with a fresh perspective, and we’ve thankfully succeeded in having almost an entire city talk about us.” Marketing is crucial to communicating a company's value proposition effectively, establishing brand awareness, engaging target audiences and ultimately driving business growth and success. Town Writers has successfully secured a firm grasp grip on that aspect.

Strategic Partnerships for Collective Growth

In the challenging landscape of business growth, seeking support becomes imperative, and alliances between corporations are a common strategy to foster collective growth and ascend the ladder of success. Town Writers credits a significant portion of its success to its partnership with LXIAS—an alliance comprising a diverse group of firms specializing in Consulting, PR, Social Media, Production, and Architecture. According to the Town Writers team, “Lxias played a crucial role in our success. Partnering with the alliance has brought nothing but positivity towards our company’s expansion and growth.” Providing specific examples, they mentioned, “Take LongeBlack, for instance. They are the consultants behind the rebranding of Town Writers. Their brilliance in strategizing and positioning us within the market started when the idea for an unusual billboard campaign came out. With the help of PR and Social Media companies Tiny Green Rhino and Boegow, we’ve managed to position ourselves at a high standard in the digital world. Along with BlackEels, we’ve produced several cinematic shots to show the community how we perceive this new beginning. Finally, Memakaia’s surreal architectural designs took us a step further in serving each narrative. Without these firms coming together and creating this new concept, Town Writers would not have been where it is today.” By sharing responsibilities and resources, these businesses can spread risks. This can be particularly beneficial in uncertain or volatile markets where individual companies may face challenges alone. Furthermore, partnerships enable the sharing of resources, whether it be financial or technological.

Looking Towards the Future

Through strategic rebranding, a focus on resident needs and impactful marketing strategies, Town Writers has successfully positioned itself in a competitive market. The collaboration with the LXIAS alliance, incorporating a diverse range of firms, has played a pivotal role in their success. Concluding the interview, Town Writers was asked about their plans beyond 2024, to which they responded, “Looking ahead, our goal is to continue innovating and building lively communities that resonate with our clients. We'll expand our project lineup, prioritizing spaces where people can connect and thrive. Additionally, we'll ramp up our marketing efforts, leveraging digital platforms to reach more people and grow our presence in the market.” When asked what underlying message they seek to communicate to the public through their projects, Town Writers explained, “Our main goal is to create spaces where people can seek comfort in writing their own stories. We want to inspire the community to form meaningful connections, and our projects are thoughtfully crafted to provide just that. Rather than seeing the space as nothing but a house, we want to build connections and form everlasting bonds.”


Written by: Mahmoud Demerdash
Media Agency: Coxswains Cairo
DOP: Karim Khashaba
Creative Director: Nour Selim
Photography: Abdelrahman El Dash
Executive Producer: Youssef El Ghazzawy