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Lotfy Husayn: The Nature Illuminator

by Hytham Hegazy


The Nature Illuminator 

An Interview with Lotfy Husayn


Architecture with a Different Perspective                                            

Arch. Eng. Lotfy Husayn came with a revolutionary concept of architecture that will shake the very foundations of natural engineering. A pioneer in the holistic Biophilic design approach that can change every aspect of life. Across the world knowledge of engineering, he mastered several degrees drained from Egypt, England, and Spain as he acquired the ability to access the realm of environmental design and to rise mentally into comprehension of earth nature itself.

He is the winner of first place in the “Fekriti” contest held by President Abdelfatah Alsisi in favor of finding creative minds enhancing the quality of the Egyptian housing system. Whilst over a thousand projects were entitled, he took first place. And in another competition, where others contributed with great ideas rooted in cultural heritage, Lotfy was the first to transform desert sand into a chair, a creation that won second prize.

An Earthy Philosophy 

“The mother earth is here” is a sum up of the philosophy behind LOAK Design House, owned by Arch. Lotfy. The energy source of the elements collaborating to create one compactable structure totally abducted from natural constructions is the main target and main expertise. That is why LOAK Designs covers all stages of designing, starting from the smallest scale of design and branding up to the Master Planning. LOAK Design House is the first choice for anyone who seeks full management of any project until perfection.

Lotfy sees that in the art of design, low budget materials do not affect the beauty and elegance of the building. He said that “many designers focus on using expensive materials in design but the main concern and aim should be to make your residence more comfortable than over-decorated.” Accordingly, LOAK House is using the elements of mother earth to revive its energy, reflecting on the location and the entire project.

When Nature & Sustainability Meet Technology

“The usage of natural energy in building an outstanding residential or commercial project can be achieved by impacting a new source that already exists around us in the globe, but in all cases, any kind of materials will need a special treatment to cope with the safety measurements and stability standards. That’s why in LOAK House, we have a professional staff of architects who are well trained on the procedures of altering natural materials like wood, rock, sand and plant into a will fit addition to the whole unity of the project. In some cases, altering these materials could be a very dangerous process,” Lotfy explained.

Moreover, Lotfy added: “Biomimetic and Biophilic design is very essential and is considered as the core of LOAK House when it comes to the usage of natural elements and the formation of natural buildings.

A natural building encompasses a range of systems and materials with a strong focus on sustainability. The methods used to achieve sustainability through natural building focus on durability and the use of resources that are little, plentiful, or renewable, as well as those that, while being recycled or salvaged, produce healthy living environments and maintain indoor air quality. Natural construction tends to rely on human labor, rather than technology,” as Lotfy notes, “it depends on the local environment, geology and climate; on the nature of the particular construction site, and on the needs and personalities of the builders and users."

“The basis of natural buildings is the need to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and other support systems without sacrificing comfort or health. For natural construction to be more sustainable, it primarily uses highly available materials that are renewable, reused, or recycled. The use of rapidly renewable materials is an all-time main focus. In addition to relying on natural building materials, emphasis is placed on architectural design; orienting the building, utilizing the microclimate and site conditions, focusing on natural ventilation through design, fundamentally reducing operating costs, and positively impacting the environment. Simple construction and reduced ecological footprint are common, as well as the on-site handling of energy acquisition, on-site water capture, alternative wastewater treatment, and water reuse.”

We All Are from Nature, and To Nature, We Will Return

LOAK House is dedicated to the nature and environment above anything else. Lotfy presented his latest creation of the stone house; a serein design and celestial emotions that will capture your soul whenever you enter the place, reflecting the magical world of Feng Shui style and the ZEN peaceful surrounding. Self-sustained materials are used such as glowing stones that can be energized during the day, absorbing sunlight and discharging this power during the night up to 16 hours of operation. Soft, minimal and natural interiors and products are a major concept of LOAK House that brings a mystical intimate synchronization in the eyes of the beholder of these artistic modern yet earthly condos.

Breaking Stereotypes

According to the vision of Lotfy Husayn, nature is timeless and the natural construction could last for several decades without maintenance or carrying. His target is to explode the inherited beauty of natural materials and unleash their ability to conquer aging, while breaking the stereotype of how ecology and sustainability are perceived. In our digital era, technology is incorporated in everything, even in nature. So, sustainability and the eco-friendly initiatives are not taking the traditional, mostly thought of, primitive shape anymore; it is modernized, digitized, and industry-related, all at the same time.

Besides being a professional architect, Lotfy Husayn is also a sculptor and a former national boxing champion, a musical composer, and a Kawala flute player. From his point of view, returning to earth in engineering and benefiting from the treasures that nature provided us with will change our recent endangered reality into a better everlasting world for our living.