10 Creative Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

Written by: Perihan El Etreby

Date: 2022-12-28

Are you searching for ways to make your home look spacious and elegant? We got you!

Are you searching for ways to make your home look spacious and elegant? We got you! We understand that you have a reserved and specific budget to add finishing touches that bring the color palette, decor, and furniture together in your living space. Choosing the right wall art will have you and your guests spellbound and make your gallery go from functional to spectacular! Reading our guide will enable you to save a lot of time to decorate a gallery wall!

Turn Family Photos Into Art


No wallpaper? No problem! Designing a gallery wall in your living room should entail more than just hanging up a few generic photos. It's a space you see every day, so needless to say, it should feel special. Framing photos you've taken on vacation and hanging souvenirs will remind you of your travels—and there's nothing more special than that. Use photos taken on family vacations and events to cover the blank space surrounding the door frame.


Use Ceramics to Shake up a Gallery Wall


Why hide your beautiful tableware in the cupboard? Decorating your gallery wall with exclusive ceramics is one of the best ways to add contemporary style and character to your home!

Build your gallery wall with exquisite ceramic pieces. The best way to bring new energy, elegance, color, pattern, and texture to your home is to hang them on the wall instead of lining them up on the shelves. You can add more value to these ceramic pieces by adding your favorite prints, accessories, and photos and incorporating your own personality into your home.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrored wall panels not only enliven a blank space but also enhance the natural light from windows. As in the photo, the used bronze mirror panels in the dining room give it a great look and space.



If the walls are blank, don’t be afraid to go bold. Why not paint the blank walls and ceiling of your bedroom inky black? Get creative with the bold colors you can use according to your preferences.


Go For Abstract Art


Art doesn't have to be perfect portraits of recognizable scenes or people. So if you prefer organic lines and shapes or 'proper art' is too 'neat', go about your gallery wall by introducing brush strokes and paint splatters for a fun and unfussy look.


Use Fairy Lights To Display Your Photos

Brighten up an area in your home for a party or just for a fun change by using festoon and string lights. These lights are a great way to add a glow to dark wall space, and with options to clip on photos, and postcards, it’s easy to update this pretty feature with a new display – snap up some. It is great for a new yet simple bedroom decoration too.


Build a Floating Gallery

Why not create a beautiful gallery with interactive floating thumbnail images? It is a great way to gain a sense of 3-dimensional depth when viewing space. Therefore, it is said to use a float mount when in doubt! Anything can work and instantly elevate the look of your gallery, be it a ticket stub, a polaroid, a stamp, a key, etc.


Mix it Up Your Way


While we love the look of a uniform setup, showing off a collection of new and vintage frames in various shapes, sizes, and finishes boasts much more charm. However, you might notice there's one element tying them all together—the black and white prints.


Create a Peppy Color Palette


Sticking to an exquisite color palette can immensely uplift your spirits and the look of your gallery wall. Not only will it add depth, but it will also create a statement. Also, it is one of the best ways to transform your dull and regular-looking room into a full of character and moody charm. At the same time, it is important to remember that all your pieces must feel similar in tone and intensity to your chosen color palette. If you look at the image, you can sense that a dynamic balance of different works of art with distinctive shapes, colors, sizes, and textures is crafted on the wall, giving it an accomplished look!


Anything can be Art - Give it a Personalized Touch!


Spruce up your blank walls with creative artwork by giving it a personalized touch. Yes, anything can be art, and you can fill that up on your gallery wall to provide a flawless and unique look! Art is an expression of our emotions, desires, thoughts, and intuitions. It has no boundaries and no language barrier. It’s about sharing the way we experience the world and the extension of our personality. You can depict the same on your gallery wall by including a few personal items such as an old photo with your nanny, your first date napkin, an old drawing from your friend, your vows, or anything, and leave everyone spellbound by exhibiting your thoughts!

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