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What to wear when, how, and where

by Farah Waleed

Staring at your wardrobe in desperation not knowing what to wear and how to wear it can be hectic. As menswear becomes ever more rich and abundant, in moments of confusion and self-doubt, it can help to have valuable and good advice on various styling tips. To help kick-start your warmer weather look, we found some of the latest and trendiest outfits out there. Here’s what you can learn from them.


Having to choose which suit to wear can be boring; however, picking the right type of suit and color is your effortless ticket to looking sharp. Perfect for work, cocktails, and special occasions, a single breasted suit is set to do the job. The easiest way to bring your suit into summer is with color. A light blue suit is a kick-start to a warmer weather look and a change from darker shades. If you do not have a light colored suit, you can always style and lighten up darker colored suits with a brighter shirt and tie to work for day and night time alike. When it comes to the fit of the suit, always opt for a classic slim fit as it is seen to skim the contours of the body.

For the non-suit-and-tie office places, maintain professionalism by donning a lightweight light-colored sweater or a clean-cut polo, a pair of chinos, and boots.

Street-style/beach party: 

When it comes to surviving summer heat, linen can’t really be topped. A linen shirt is an excellent choice when it comes to summer outfits because of its laid back appeal. A classic combo to linen shirts are shorts. These need to be nicely fitted shorts that are cut just above the knee, giving a sharper look. When it comes to the linen shirts, the choices are plenty in terms of colors and patterns. The most important thing about linen shirts, however, is the fit. A button-up linen should always be a little bit breezy. For a more trendy look, you can try to pair pastel color shorts with a white linen shirt.

Jeans are everyone’s go to as they go with almost anything. Pair a slim or skinny jean with a button up linen shirt for a simple, stylish, and summer-ready look. Both black and indigo jeans are perfect options to wear with linen shirts so long as there is contrast in colors between the jeans and the linen shirt. For an extra touch of style, roll-up the linen shirt sleeves and pair the outfit with casual sneakers to complete your street style look.

Night out: 

Just like any event, nightclubs and night outs take their wardrobe standards very seriously. It’s a rule that you stick to darker color palettes during a night at the club or a normal night out with your friends. The easiest combination would be donning a light colored shirt with black jeans. This look can be polished by either white sneakers or boots depending on the venue. Another possible and trendy look that one can wear during a night out is a fitted patterned t-shirt with a pair of black or indigo jeans. A short sleeve button-down shirt can’t go wrong especially if the shirt is patterned. Pair these with a darker shade of denim and you’re ready to go.