Bardees Gamal El Din: Art Meets Fashion

Date: 2018-05-01

Art Meets Fashion

Bardees Gamal El Din was born in Cairo in 1982. She graduated from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology as a marketing major in 2003. “My business studies in the academy helped me a lot when I started my own business as fashion designer. I was exposed to events like MAL in an early stage in life. The nature of the education in the academy helped my personality grow and taught me how to express myself,” says Bardees.

“I had a very happy childhood and my earliest memory is that of my dad coming home from a business trip carrying gifts. Unlike other kids, I was more interested in the doll’s clothing than the doll itself,” she shares.

“Later, as I got older, my favorite way to spend time while traveling was catching fashion trends in shop windows,” she continues. “I used to dress differently, and I always add my own touch to the clothes I wear—being very bold with colors and different looks. Over time, my passion for fashion went beyond what I would wear. Creating the happiness behind wearing it was my real passion.”



Bardees shares, “Back then, it wasn’t easy to create a brand, and people were stuck wearing commercial, imported clothes.” She worked in a travel agency for five years, couldn’t stop feeling that something was meant for her in the fashion industry. “I decided to study fashion and start to pursue my dream,” she says. She attended fashion weeks all over the world and started her own label in 2014.

“Seeing my customers glowing in my colorful designs, getting endorsed by influential icons, and being featured in articles gave me the motivation to continue despite the bumpiness of the path in this industry,” Bardees expresses. “I want to be the happy corners in every woman’s wardrobe, so I will compete even with myself just to keep that going.”

Her main goal in starting her brand is to create clothing that is comfortable for all sizes and ages. “I want women to wear trendy, cheerful clothing and feel good about it,” she says.

“I can say that I am the first designer in Egypt to collaborate with an artist with a clear direction to promote wearable art,” Bardees shares.

Art meets fashion again this season with the “Spring Fiesta” Collection, which is a collaboration with famous Egyptian artist Dr. Ashraf Reda. After the success of their previous wearable art collections, this new spring/summer collection is a manifestation of the seasons’ lively colors and elements. Flowers and movement define the character of the collection. Always designed with the modern woman in mind, each piece is an artistic addition to the wardrobe of the chic, urban women.